UK Bank Holidays 2011

All English/Welsh bank holidays will see the banks and the majority of businesses closed, in Scotland and Northern Ireland banks and businesses will often follow the English bank holidays for closures for commercial reasons (for instance parity of holidays between staff in the different countries).

Bank Holidays In The UK By Region For 2011

The table below gives a full list of Bank Holidays for 2011 including regional variations for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

HolidayDateEnglandScotlandWalesN. Ireland
New Year's Day03 January 2011*YesYesYesYes
2nd January04 January 2011*-Yes--
St Patrick's Day17 March 2011---Yes
Good Friday22 April 2011YesYesYesYes
Easter Monday25 April 2011Yes-YesYes
Royal Wedding29 April 2011YesYesYesYes
Early May02 May 2011YesYesYesYes
Spring30 May 2011YesYesYesYes
Battle of the Boyne12 July 2011---Yes
Summer01 August 2011-Yes--
Summer29 August 2011Yes-YesYes
St Andrew's Day30 November 2011-Yes--
Christmas Day26 December 2011*YesYesYesYes
Boxing Day27 December 2011*YesYesYesYes


  1. * Indicates a substitute day - A substitute day occurs when a public or bank holiday occurs on a Saturday, Sunday or a Bank Holiday. In these cases the substitute day occurs, normally the following Monday. In the case of two consecutive holidays (e.g. Christmas Day and Boxing Day) this can be the following Tuesday if the holidays fall on the Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Bank Holidays that never fall on a weekend (e.g Good Friday, Easter Monday) will never have substitute days